Transfering VHS & Camcorder Tapes to DVD 

Some events come once in a lifetime: Holidays, Birthdays, Christenings, Family Reunions, Wedding videos!!

One day you might find that some of your video tapes are just not playable anymore after years & years of lying on the shelf or in the attic or you simply haven’t got a video player anymore?

Convert your precious movies from tapes into DVDs and/or preserve them in a digital format, your irreplaceable  videos will never fade away!!

The Problem with Tapes…    

  • Tapes degrade with time and with each viewing.    

  • VCRs are nearly obselete.    

  • Connecting your camcorder to your TV to watch your        home videos is not convenient.    

  • You can spend a long time searching through footage to find your favourite parts.


The Solution is DVD or MP4!  You can...    

  • Go instantly to the scenes you want to watch.    

  • Watch on your TV or PC.    

  • No more fast-forwarding or rewinding    

  • DVDs don't fade with time or with each viewing.    

  • Organize your entire home video collection.

  • Share with family or friends overseas.

Common formats can be transferred to DVD, including:  

  • VHS

  • VHS-C

  • S-VHS

  • MiniDV


As tapes are often uniquely coded with the camcorder used for the initial recording we suggest for best results, if available, to provide the original Camcorder.

  •    Hi-8

  •    Digital 8

  •    8mm Tape

Convert any tape format to a DVD = €20.00


Each DVD containing up to 2 hours of video. Tapes exceeding 2 hours will be split over 2 Discs for maximum playback quality.


You will get:

  1. Up to 2 hours of video per each DVD

  2. Chapter Menu for instant Scene Selection

  3. Still Images on the DVD Case & Disc

  4. DVD Title (appears on main menu screen, DVD case & Disc)    

  5. Additional DVD Copies (boxed) are €10.00 each.


(Duplicates are made from a master disc image. Your tape is transfered to DVD only once, it is then possible to create further copies as many times as you require.)


It is also possible to combine more than one video tape onto a DVD with up to 2 hours of video in total.

2 tapes into one DVD is €25.00

3 tapes into one DVD is €30.00

4 tapes into one DVD - €35.00

5 tapes into one DVD – just €45.00

Transfering to MP4 Only:


Tape 1 hour or less = €6 per tape
1-2 Hour Tapes        = €7 per tape
2-3 Hour Tapes        = €8 per tape
3-5 Hour Tapes        = €10 per tape

One hour of video = approx. 1GB High Res. MP4

*Sorry we don't convert CineFilm.


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